July 20, 2017: Pioneer Press: "Artists in Oak Park Art League Exhibit 'Drawn To Detail'": Article excerpt:..."My goal was to really engage people," artist Jennifer McNulty says in a YouTube video about her 3D photo mosaics. "As they're walking by, they think, 'Oh, that's interesting and then if they look closely…they'll stay awhile and keep discovering things..."  http://www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/oak-park/lifestyles/ct-oak-go-drawn-to-detail-tl-0720-20170719-story.html

Fall 2016: The Hemingway Review: "Project Muse" by Nancy Sindelar: Article excerpt:..."The 'Moveable Feast' Exhibition focused on work inspired by the life, travels and writing of Oak Park's hometown author, Ernest Hemingway...The judged exhibition winners were 1st place, Jennifer McNulty, Papa Hemingway...". To read entire article, go to: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6I2cTOaTuJrZElQXzVKQ3ZGTGRRSjlWRTJsWVNvSFpuazFZ/view

October 31, 2016: Gallery Seven: "Art of Illinois": Press Release excerpt: ..."A highlight of the exhibit is a work by Jennifer McNulty of Oak Park, Papa Hemingway."... 

June 5, 2015: VOP-TV (Channel 6): "Oak Park Artists, A Wild and Labor Intensive Project", produced & edited by Joe Kreml: This 2-minute video segment is both an interview and example of McNulty's works and detailed process. To view video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmGgK544qBk&list=UU1EZovakS7e_kepUJgVdb3A

October 28, 2014: The Village Free Press: "Art as Prescription for the Soul: Loyola Med Students, Pubic Find Solace in Obama's Likeness, Their Own" by Michael Romainhttp://thevillagefreepress.org/2014/10/28/art-as-prescription-for-the-soul-loyola-med-students-public-find-solace-in-obamas-likeness-their-own/