“Oh my gosh...she loved the mosaic more than I even thought possible. The tears and laughter as she looked at picture after picture...she kissed it a few times when she saw a special memory...she hung it up immediately and can't stop looking at it. She said "this is the best gift that anyone could ever give and it is beautiful. This is my life and I'm so lucky!" It's safe to say that she loved it and I can't thank you enough for making it.”  Laura C.

"It is my favorite thing in the house that is not living. Just want to make it clear that I love my family more than your mosaic. But just barely!" John T.

"For our wedding gift my girlfriends got my husband and I a 3D Photo Mosaic and we absolutely love it! We've never seen such a way to display so many of our pictures and thought it was such a unique idea. From afar it looks like two intertwined wedding rings and up close you can see that the rings are made up of a whole lot of our wedding photos (gift was given to us after the nuptials). And though the individual tiles are small, the pictures are clear and it's fun to note that each time we look at it there's another picture we never noticed before. Very beautiful, elegant, and will always hold sentimental value! Looking forward to having something similar done when we give birth to our little one in in the next couple weeks!! Thanks Jen!" Jazz & Andy

“Hi Jen, we gave the piece to my parents last night. They were completely awestruck by the artistry, the incredible amount of work you put into it, and that they’ll never again have to look at anything else because this’ll keep them busy forever! They truly love it, and though it’s less important, so did my husband, my brother, his wife, and all the kids. It’s a wonderful piece! Thank you, thank you! This piece has far surpassed expectations. Every time I speak with my mom, she tells me about all the new photos she’s found. It’s just so incredibly special. Our families are forever grateful!” Eryn W-S.

"My parents absolutely LOVED the mosaic! They were crying (even my dad!) when we presented it to them. Thank you SO SO much. It was a hit!" Nancy S.    

“I have always loved Jen’s work and when Jim passed, I almost immediately began thinking about a commission. It makes me feel good to surround myself with photos and things that remind me of him. She is an amazing artist, a wonderful, sensitive person, and created this work with so much love. Thanks Jen!” Lori G.

“They absolutely LOVED the mosaic Jen!! Everyone just thought it was the coolest gift ever. I was even showing them your video of how you do the process. Thank you sooo much for helping to make this very special moment even sweeter for them and my whole family!” Wendy P.

“Jen, I have to tell you, this Jimi Hendrix Mosaic is now the coolest thing I have. It is an absolutely amazing and unique piece of art. Your talent is above great!” Steve W.

“Oh my goodness....it's incredible! Wow! It's a very overwhelming feeling to see these pictures again in an incredibly different and amazing format. You absolutely succeeded in delivering a beautiful piece of art we will have forever! It's beautiful, I cannot takes my eyes off of it. One of my kids, he's 5, was so excited to see the pictures of "mommy and daddy", pictures he's never seen before. I can't wait for the rest of the family to come home, especially of course my husband!!! Thank you!! I love it!” Deborah P.


“Jen McNulty, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this piece. It’s an amazing piece. I marvel at it several times a day.” Lynne W.

"I couldn't wait and showed the mosaic to Ted right away. He was completely surprised and thrilled - really really loved it, and it looks perfect in our room. We both agreed that rather than have a wall of fame for your children's pictures, it's nice to do it as a piece of art. We are both so happy with it, I can't thank you enough!" Marisa N.

“ I wanted to let you know that my piece is now hanging in my office at work and everyone has stopped by to check it out. It’s been a big hit! Thanks again for the fabulous artwork. It makes me happy every time I look at it!” Julie C.

“I received the piece tonight and quickly unwrapped it - and wow!! It's amazing!!! I can't believe how you kept the detail from his face, figure, jersey number and ball!! It looks fantastic. I love how the tiles pop to make his figure. So fun to see the tiles and photos and then the larger mosaic. Thank you so so much!!! It's amazing!!!! Better then I imagined.” Betsey C.


"I saw my friends last night and gave them the photo mosaic. They absolutely loved it. We spent a half hour rearranging their living room decor so they could hang it in plain sight for all to admire. Thank you for doing such a special job." Joanne M.


"My dad received the mosaic and was in tears! He loved it! My mom said he sat with it for hours just looking at all of the photos. Thank you for making something so special for my dad's 60th!" Jena C.


"We loved the photo mosaic and so did they...my mother in law was sobbing she loved it so much! Can't wait for the next project!" Elizabeth C.


"Yesterday, Barb and family presented us with our 70th birthday gift. The 3D photo mosaics feels like we are looking at a photo album and a slice of our lives. Each time, there is something new to enjoy. What a creative, unique and imaginative work of art! Kudos to you!" Susan & Rich E.


"My parents were blown away by your mosaic for their 50th anniversary! Such a sweet moment as they've seen me like your pieces on Facebook for so long and they said, "Oh! We get one!" You did a beautiful job! Thank you Jen!" Jenny C.


"To say they love the mosaic doesn't do their reaction justice. Unveiling it was such a special moment. Our family so appreciates the care you took in creating such a memorable tribute and gift." Jeff W. 


"They & we truly appreciate all the time you spent learning who is who and placing certain photos in meaningful spots. Such a unique piece of art that is so personal and beautiful. Thank you!!" Kim W.


"I am overwhelmed by the mosaics I received from Jim for Christmas...they took my breath away! To see our whole lives together laid out in such a creative, beautiful way was amazing and humbling. The work you did was beautiful and I absolutely love the pieces you used. You managed to merge my love of mosaic, antiques and photographs into 4 amazing pieces that beautifully told the story of the last 10 years of my life and the amazing blessings I have been given. Thank you so much for your talent, creativity, and care you put into the pieces. I am honored to have your work hanging in my home." Jenn D.


"Jen- We love the quality of this piece and it’s obvious that it comes from your hard work of application and quest. The burgundy colors in subtle tones and the photo patches expertly placed draws us in for a closer look. We enjoy its shape and color throughout and the sheer visual eloquence that is the hallmark of your work. Thank you!" Melissa W.


"Jennifer, this is an exquisite piece that is beyond touching — it has brought to life in such a unique way one of the most unique souls I've ever known. "Thank you" doesn't begin to express my gratitude." Jennifer D. 


"Got a photo mosaic from Jen McNulty Fine Arts for my "big" Christmas gift and I can say it's the best gift ever. I'll treasure it for life. Thanks, Jen!!" Diana H.


"I can't thank you enough for the beautiful mosaic for my parents… it is PERFECT! You made the entire process so easy, even with the three of us living in different states. I have always loved your work and am happy that my parents now have a one-of-a-kind. You are truly talented. Thanks again!" Elise W. 


"They LOVED it! Such a wonderful gift for my in-laws to treasure forever. As usual, you did such an amazing job at capturing the family and even coordinating the tiles with their home sight unseen! Thanks Jen!" Heidi R-M.


"Thank you for always producing beautiful work...the best gift!" Barb M.


"Diana literally cried when she opened the mosaic. Best gift ever! It is now officially our most prized possession. Gorgeous and so well crafted. Do you hear me, people who don't own a Jen McNulty photo mosaic?" Rick H. 


"Thank you so much for a beautiful piece of art to help us celebrate my parents' 50 years of marriage. My parents were thrilled with the mosaic. Pictures do not do it justice. The dimensions added with layers of tiles and the combinations of colors make it a work of art. Thank you, Jen!" Sarah C.


"I absolutely love the photo mosaic! Far exceeds any expectations! You did such a sensational job and I literally can not wait to see the look of surprise on my wife's face. Thank you so very much!" Mike R.


"It was truly a blessed day.  And the mosaic was a huge hit--I had it displayed in my foyer on a large easel and I had SO MANY compliments on it." Mimi V. 


"The mosaic was the perfect gift to honor my Mom on her 70th Birthday. Amazing talent." Karen W.


"The photo mosaic was amazing Jen! My mother loved it, EVERYONE loved it! Everyone wanted to see it. My family loved looking for themselves and were in awe of some of the photos that were used. They hadn't seen some of those in so long! It was just perfect! I can't thank you enough for making such a beautiful and memorable gift!" Vikki M.  


"Jason LOVES LOVES LOVES the mosaic...I keep catching him just looking at it, memorizing all the pictures, etc. It turned out even more beautiful than I imagined. Thank you so much for creating this piece for us, it will be a treasured piece of our family history." Anne-Marie K.


"By far the coolest gift we've ever had the pleasure of giving. Thanks Jen for your amazing work!" Heidi R-M.


"Thank you for the amazing work of art! It was the most beautiful way to document 12 years with Johnny! I LOVE it! " Andrea P.


"Jen - We ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE the piece! It's one of the best gifts we've ever gotten! Thank you!!!!" Helen K-T.


"Great way to own a unique, beautiful piece of art as well as commemorate special memories. The perfect gift!!!"   Johnny P.