What is a 3D Photo Mosaic?

A 3D Photo Mosaic is a one-of-a-kind, 3-dimensional art piece created using photos and mosaic tiles. The textural qualities of sculpture and the graphic & visual beauty of photography are combined in one harmonious piece. It is a visual snapshot of an event or may encompass decades of memories in one single work of art. It is an artful substitute to using dozens of photo albums or if you have limited wall space in your home for many framed photos.

How do I begin the process?

Iconic vs Montage

Iconic 3D Photo Mosaic pieces are created using a large number of personal, historical and/or subject appropriate images that are edited and put together to shape one grand image relating to the original photos used. From a distance, the subject is obvious, and as the viewer gets closer they will see that these pieces are made up of hundreds of individual photos that have been researched and altered (edited, cropped, retouched & color or b&w converted) to form the grand subject of the piece. Each image is adhered to a mosaic tile to give the work depth and a sculptural quality. Additionally, there are no duplicate images in any piece, which gives the viewer a more engaging experience, rather than simply looking at repetitious copies of a small number of images.

David Bowie: Example of an Iconic 3D Photo Mosaic

Montage 3D Photo Mosaic are a visual snapshot of an event or may encompass decades of memories in one single work of art. Rather than thumb through dozens of photo albums or use every square inch of wall space in your home with framed photos, a Montage 3D Photo Mosaic may include hundreds of photos in one harmonious piece.

Example of a (Framed) Montage 3D Photo Mosaic

Please refer to samples on this website under the respective tabs, "Iconic" or "Montage" to see various completed pieces.


Framed vs Floating Frame

The 2 different styles offered are Framed and Floating Frame

A Framed piece uses reclaimed wood, vintage/antique windows, cabinet doors, etc to frame the piece. I have many frames in stock in the studio so I can email you photos. I can also email you photos of window frames that you may like that are at on-line auction that I can purchase. 

Framed 3D Photo Mosaic

A Floating Frame is a custom wooden art panel and from the front appears to not have a frame and “floating” on the wall. It typically has about a 1 1/2” depth from the wall. The sides are unfinished with a clear varnish, but may be painted either black, white or stained brown. This tends to be a more modern interpretation rather than the traditional Framed piece.

Floating Frame 3D Photo Mosaic

How many photos are needed? What size should my digital files be? 

Once you decide on the type of frame you’d like, Framed vs Floating Frame, I can tell you about how many photos you’ll need. Most Montage pieces require a minimum of 100 photos and average about 150-300. An Iconic piece requires a minimum of 250 photos and average about 500-800. But that varies dramatically depending on the detail and scope of the design. 

I do not use your original photos in the piece. I can either use your digital files or scan your original photos. There is a $1.50 per photo scan fee. You can mail your original photos to scan to me and I can ship them back to you with the finished piece. If you have digital files, you can upload them to a free site (e.g. Dropbox or flickr) so I can download them for free or mail me a CD or thumb drive. All photo files must be saved in a jpeg format and each must be no smaller than 100KB and no larger than 4MB.

Do you use my actual photos? Can you scan original photos?

All pieces are one-of-a-kind and all designs are unique to each piece. Once I see exactly how many photos you would like to use, I layout the entire piece with the various tile colors selected and place each tile color individually in a custom grid until it works harmoniously with the layout. Each individual photo is then edited, retouched and reduced to a 3/4” square format. We would then discuss if you'd like the photos in their original format, color, b&w, sepia tone, etc. After all photo files are converted digitally, I download them and then crop them to a 3/4" square format. They are then printed on photo paper and hand-cut. Each photo is adhered to a mosaic tile and varnished to preserve the photo. Finally, all photos are adhered to the grouted piece.

How is the piece designed and assembled?

All of the tiles are 3/4" square. This is very important when choosing photos because if you have a large group shot, the faces will be very small when shrunk down to 3/4". I prefer all photos to be in their original format, NOT cropped. I will digitally crop them after I receive them so I can maximize the space around the image.

What size are the mosaic tiles? Do I need to crop my photos before sending to you?

I have almost every color tile you can imagine in my studio. We can discuss what colors you like or do not like after choosing a frame.

What color tiles do you have?

Montage pieces require 6-8 weeks to complete once the frame is chosen & the digital photo files/pictures are received. An Iconic piece requires 8-12 weeks to complete, depending on the size and scope of the image. If you have a rush job that requires the piece finished sooner than these time frames, a rush fee will be discussed.

How long will it take to complete?

See Pricing under the "Info" tab.

How much will a finished piece cost?

Yes. Each piece is insured and send insured via UPS. I ship worldwide. Shipping can not be quoted exactly until the piece is finished due to the weight that I will not know until it is completed.

Do you ship?

All jobs that are quoted for finished pieces which include the frame, tiles, photo editing & cropping, design consultation and assembling the piece. Additional costs are shipping, scanning photos ($1.50 each photo), requesting the photos in a certain order (e.g. chronological), painting/staining or tiling the sides of a Floating Frame, specific color conversions of photos and rush fees for a job needed sooner than 6 weeks for Montage and 8 weeks for Iconic.

Are there any additional costs?

Yes. A 20% deposit it required at the start of the job. Online payments can be made through Chase QuickPay or a check can be mailed. I do not accept credit card payment at this time. Final payment is due upon completion of the piece.


If you have any further questions, please contact me. I'd be happy to give you more details or information.

Is a deposit required?